Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fuk Luk and Sau Star Gods

Fuk Luk and Sau are known as Star Gods and are regularly displayed in any Chinese home practicing symbolic Feng Shui. 

However they are not Gods in the traditional sense of the word and are not worshipped as Gods by the Chinese.

They are symbolic of what is considered to be the most important manifestations necessary for a long and fulfilled life; health, wealth (in all its varied forms) and happiness.

When displayed they radiate a sense of peace and harmony; and invite great warmth and a continuation of good fortune for everyone in the household.

Whilst they are not regarded as divine beings they are treated with great respect and always hold a place of prominence in both home and office.  They are also displayed in retail outlets and Chinese restaurants.

SAU – Is the first Star God.  He is usually seen carrying a bottle of nectar or some other representation of longevity such as the peach.

FUK – Is the second Star God and he is usually carrying Chinese ingots or Chinese coins; he represents wealth and increased income.

LUK – Is the third Star God and he represents high power.  He usually holds a Ru Yi or Sceptre of office in his left hand.  His place is always in the centre of the trio and his purpose is to invite longevity, prosperity and power into the lives of residents.

In Chinese paintings these three deities are often depicted with the pine tree, bamboo, crane and peach tree in the background; all symbols of longevity.

If you choose to display these Star Gods whichever part of the home you place them they should be positioned high up, at least three feet from the ground, and have a solid wall behind them to give them support.

Traditionally in Chinese homes they are placed in the dining room facing the table.  This brings family blessings and harmony whenever the family gather together to dine.

However it is also auspicious to display these three important deities in other areas:

At the entrance to your home – this will invite in the aspirations you desire to experience 

In your living room – in any direction or location to bring excellent Feng Shui luck

In your family room – in any direction or location to bring excellent Feng Shui luck

In your office – behind you as you sit will bring you support and good fortune

Period Eight – during the Flying Star period 8 which runs from 2004-2024 placing Fuk Luk and Sau in the East, which is the secondary wealth corner for this period, is said to invite abundance luck and outstanding good fortune.  

To the fulfillment of your dreams


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