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West Group and East Group Houses

Your Kua number, is your personalised number based on your date of birth as identified by the lunar calendar, and once you know this you can practice the Eight Mansions Formula of Feng Shui.
This is a straightforward and personalised Formula of Feng Shui which determines auspicious and inauspicious locations in the home for each individual and in future blogs we will look at each of the nine Kua numbers found in the Lo Shu Grid and their characteristics in more detail.

However, additionally the Kua formula can be used to divide houses into eight types; it calculates the facing and sitting directions of a home which in turn identifies whether the residents are in harmony, or in conflict with their living space.

While we will concentrate mainly on the personalised Formula for individuals, what follows is a brief description of the eight types of houses and their attributes.

The eight types of houses are based on their facing and sitting directions and will either be east group or west group.  Whether they are auspicious for the residents is dependent on personal Kua numbers which will place them in either east group or west group.
As with all formulas in Feng Shui compass directions are important so the first step is to take the compass reading of the front of your house from the inside looking out, the place where the maximum of Yang energy is generated.  This is usually, but not exclusively, where the front door is located.  Once you know this direction, the ‘facing direction’ you turn to find the ‘sitting direction’ which is where the group, and the name of the house, is determined.

If your back door, or your sitting direction is not directly opposite the facing direction of your main door, the sitting direction takes precedence when determining the type of house you occupy.

Following is a list of all the facing and sitting directions, the type of home, and whether it is an east group or a west group home.

Facing NORTH
Sitting SOUTH
East Group
LI House
West Group
KUN House
Facing EAST
Sitting WEST
West Group
TUI House
West Group
Facing SOUTH
Sitting NORTH
East Group
KAN House
West Group
KEN House
Facing WEST
Sitting EAST
East Group
CHEN House
East Group
SUN House

It is the sitting direction that determines the group of the house.  It is the group that will determine whether a home is auspicious for its residents.

As an example:                 
If your house faces North it sits South.  This is a fire element home and is auspicious for an east group person. 

There are only two examples where the facing and sitting directions belong to the same group and that is the North/South axis (east group) and the Northeast/Southwest axis (west group.)  In all other cases compromises will be required because if the facing direction is east or west group, the sitting direction will be west or east group.

The sitting direction always takes precedence.

In circumstances when your home is in the opposite group to you (based on your Kua number) and it is not possible to change an east group house into a west group house, and vice versa, whilst not ideal, the answer is to arrange the internal layout in harmony with your auspicious directions.

In a family home, the Kua number of the breadwinner of the home takes precedence as without them the source of income and wealth will be lost.  There may have to be compromises in the home of a couple, both working on equal terms, if they belong to different groups.

These are basic principles of this method of determining your house type, however it does give some idea of things to look for when exploring the fascinating world of Feng Shui.  It can also be particularly useful to bear in mind if you are looking to move home.

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