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Feng Shui and Astrological Animals

Your personal animal sign is the animal of the year, the animal ‘in residence’ during your year of birth.  It represents only 25% of your Four Pillars of Destiny Chart; the Four Pillars signifying your Hour, Day, Month and Year of birth.  It does not immediately reveal your characteristics or how you approach life.
Each of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals can combine or conflict with another and their relationship has little bearing on Feng Shui practice.  
The ‘conflict’ animals are directly opposite one another around the compass.  They are always both Yin or both Yang such as the Yang Rat in N2 (352.50-7.50) and the Yang Horse in S2 (172.50-187.50).  Even though it is suggested in Feng Shui that conflict animals will not get on, their relationship is based more on Four Pillars of Destiny readings than Feng Shui.  The type of relationship they will experience is therefore determined at birth and whether they appear together in a Four Pillars Chart.
The animals who have a ‘combination’ relationship are:-
Yang Animal Allies         
Dog-Horse-Tiger                              Earth-Fire-Wood
Dragon-Rat-Monkey                      Earth-Water-Metal
Yin Animal Allies            
Boar-Rabbit-Sheep                        Water-Wood-Earth
Ox-Rooster-Snake                          Earth-Metal-Fire
In your Four Pillars of Destiny the remaining three pillars; month, day and hour; have one of the 12 Astrological Animals present in what is known as the Earthly Branches.   
If you know your personal Kua number and you discover your Chinese Astrological animal is housed in a sector deemed ‘inauspicious’ for you based on the Personal Eight Mansions of Feng Shui how do you deal with this?
Without delving too deeply, your Chinese Astrological Animal sign signifies the energies prevailing at the time of your birth.  It therefore has a stronger impact on your life. 
Depending on the Feng Shui Formula you practice, it is important to ensure you know the Lo-Shu numbers in the location of your animal sign.  In Flying Star Feng Shui for example knowing the annual and the monthly numbers residing with your animal sign you can take precautions, enhance or enjoy the benefits of these numbers.
As an example:  the annual number 1 water star returns to its original home in the north during 2013 and in March it is joined by the number 6 metal star.  This is great news for those born in the Year of the Rat (N2) as ‘1’ signifies wealth from career and ‘6’ signifies help from mentors and heaven; they also combine in the productive cycle of the Five Elements  as Metal creates Water.  Definitely a month for the Rat born to benefit.
Ensure that the 150 sector relating to your animal sign is kept clear, clean, bright and auspicious at all times.
Decorate it with something that reflects its element or place the image of your Astrological Animal here so you never forget where it is. 
(In the case of the Yang Wood Tiger it is better not to place an image.  The Tiger does have a protective side in Feng Shui when it is kept under control by the mighty Dragon, but when allowed to roam free and become dominant it will revert to its naturally aggressive side.  Alternatively display a large strong growing plant, something that signifies the Yang Wood of the Tiger.)
Yang Wood Tiger and its position around the compass is NE3 (52.5-67.5.)  The Tiger will be particularly strong during the first month of Spring (February) when it is the animal of the month.  It is also strong between the hours of 03.00-04.59, its hours in the Chinese calendar, but unless you work nights this will have negligible effect on you.
To the fulfillment of your dreams

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