Saturday, 20 April 2013

Feng Shui and Yin/Yang

Lao Tse (Laozi) said to be the founder of Taoism, lived during the Zhou Dynasty.  In his works, Tao Te Ching he wrote “knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of the Way.”

The ancient beginnings of the ‘ten thousand things’, the primordial force that makes up all that is, and said to incorporate everything in Heaven and Earth was known as Wu Ji.  It was first expressed as a circle, having no beginning and no end; incorporating the limitless nature of the universe and emptiness at the same time.
Through an ongoing study of the heavens and earth this circle (this Wu Ji) transformed into the Tai Chi; the Yin/Yang symbol so familiar today.
The Tai Chi represents a delicate balance of Yin (dark) and Yang (light) each of which has the seed of its opposite within.  They are inter-dependent; one cannot exist without the other and they are constantly in motion.

When Yin is at its height, Yang is at its lowest and vice versa.  Our world is made up of this constant flow through the seasons of the year; day and night; sun and moon; heaven and earth.

Heaven is Yang energy, it is the height of summer, it is the sun and daylight. 

Yang Chi can be either young or old.  Young Yang is fresh vibrant energy, a strong and powerful attracting energy bringing with it good fortune and a positive outlook.   It is the energy you attract when you open windows and doors to invite the positive energy of the natural world into your home and workplace.

Old Yang is stale, it is exhausted and tired Chi.  Old Yang is caused by a build up of clutter, it manifests in rooms rarely used that has little new energy brought in from outdoors.  This is the Yang that can easily become Yin if it is not refreshed.

Earth is Yin energy, it is the height of the winter season, it is the moon and night.

When a home is constantly quiet and left empty for long periods of time, it becomes still and attracts what is known as ‘Yin spirit formation.’  It has a dull and lethargic feel with little power to invite anything positive.  It is lacking in the light, sound and movement necessary to attract good fortune.  To create anything positive, Chi has to be kept moving.

To attract good fortune invite an abundant supply of Yang energy into your space.  Every home will reflect the moods, attitudes and health of the occupants and if they are constantly moody, despondent and lethargic because of a lack of positive Chi, they will be prone to illness and unhappiness at every turn.

Yang Chi should be encouraged to meander and move through your home like the flow of a river.  When its path is blocked the Chi will become Yin and when it moves too quickly it creates killing Chi; a harmful Chi that will make you feel  uncomfortable in your own space.  You and your family may end up spending more time away from the home than in it.

Yin and Yang is constantly changing in the natural world and your home will sense this change and respond accordingly.  So remembering the ‘wind’ and ‘water’ that is Feng Shui make changes in your home in response to the seasons and you will achieve a sense of harmony; a balance of Yin and Yang.

To the fulfillment of your dreams
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