Friday 5 September 2014


Having looked at the kitchen and the bedroom in our previous posts it is now time to focus on the main door, the third of the important areas in internal Feng Shui. 
In a previous post we discussed the Ming Tang (Bright Hall) and its effect on the Qi that enters your home, but what about the door itself.  It is the Qi Mouth of the home, the place where Qi enters.  Even when you and your family regularly enter through another door such as the door from the garage to the hallway, the main door still takes precedence.
Having the main door in an auspicious location, facing an auspicious direction based on Home and Personal Eight Mansions will benefit you and your family.  Calculate your personal Gua number
The main door and the facing direction of your property may not be the same.  The facing direction is concerned with the direction of maximum Qi and the main door is where Qi enters your home.  Ideally these two will go hand-in-hand however that is not always the case.
Many modern developments have the main door facing 45 degrees from the facing direction or directly opposite a neighbours door.  This may cause conflict between the residents.   It may be positioned such that it is facing a fence or a brick wall which effectively blocks any Qi from entering.  Another popular design is having the main door on an angle.  Like it or not this will very possibly create a sharp angle inside the home.
Ideally your main door, and by main door we mean the door that is used most often by the family, should be in proportion to the size of your property, it should be well maintained and welcoming.  The Qi as well as family and friends wants to feel uplifted when approaching your home. 
Being a Yang part of the home it should be supported by external features such as a road to activate its positive qualities.
When you open your main door looking out what do you see?  Is there a pylon; telegraph post; lamp post; sign post; decorative pillar; single tree; the edge of a neighbouring roofline directly opposite?  If there is and it is on the other side of a park or green area then it is not likely to be a negative feature.  However if it is close at hand it will affect the quality of Qi entering your home.
When you open your main door looking in what do you see?  Is there a staircase; a pillar; the door to a kitchen or toilet?  All these things will have an effect on the quality of Qi once it enters the property.
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