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Always remember the importance of the external environment in Feng Shui.  The area around a property accounts for something like 70% of the quality of energy (Qi) that enters and influences the internal.

One of the many systems of traditional Feng Shui is Eight Mansions and is one of the more straightforward to understand.  There are eight types of house in Eight Mansions and each one is named after the Sitting direction of a property.   Each sector around the Luo Shu Grid : North, South, West, East, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest also represents a member of the family.  For example a LI house faces North and sits South.  LI relates to the middle daughter in a family; a QIAN house faces Southeast and sits Northwest.  QIAN relates to the head of the household, the father.

So what is the Facing and what is the Sitting direction of your property?  Easy huh?  The front is Facing and the back is Sitting - right?  Well, in theory - yes!  However many people wrongly assume that the direction the main door faces automatically represents the Facing direction.  In the past this may have pretty much always been the case however modern homes and housing developments tend to be a little more imaginative in their designs.  Main doors are located at the front, side, hidden in the corner next to the garage and so on...

So when determining the Facing direction of your property what do you look for?

You are seeking the direction of the most Yang energy; the direction of the best view from your window; the direction of a road or a river passing by your property.

What is the view you naturally gravitate towards?  You are probably going to find that is the right Facing direction for your home. 

Facing is Yang, it is generally the place where the most activity is identified.  Sitting is Yin, it is the place of quiet and signifies protection for your property.

It is important to choose carefully because the Facing determines the Sitting direction and it is this Sitting direction that identifies the good and bad sectors of your property based on the Eight Mansions system of Feng Shui.  From this information it makes it easier to choose the location for the best areas of key rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom and home office (if appropriate).

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