Tuesday 12 February 2013


“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking”
Buddhist Saying

Personal Eight Mansions is well-known in Feng Shui. Your date of birth identifies your Gua number which in turn identifies your four good and four bad locations.
Knowing the Eight Mansions of your home which takes into consideration the distribution of energy throughout the building will determine whether you and your home are meant for one another. 

Let us look this time at someone whose Gua number is 2 and who lives in a west group house.

The auspicious directions for a person with Gua Gumber 2 is northeast, west, northwest and southwest.
Their inauspicious directions are east, southeast, south and north.

When this person lives in a Kun house which faces northeast (22.5o to 67.5o) and sits southwest (202.5o to 247.5o) they are totally in harmony with their west group home.  During the current period of 8 this is a most auspicious combination and while not ideal can also benefit those belonging to the east group as long as the internal layout is designed based on their positive locations.

For someone with Gua number 2 this is an ideal layout as the facing direction matches their most auspicious direction; their health direction (west); longevity and relationship (northwest) and personal growth (southwest) harmonise perfectly. 

This also means their four inauspicious locations are in the same locations.

This sounds very good, however as with houses facing and sitting in different groups, the internal layout is all important.   The main door is obviously auspicious although it does not automatically follow that the living, sleeping and kitchen areas are equally positive.
Remembering that location is more important than direction, three of the four auspicious locations are the northwest, west and southwest.  The living and sleeping areas would ideally be located in one or more of these sectors.  The kitchen would be best located in the east or the southeast.  In Feng Shui it is generally recommended that the kitchen a) is not located in the centre of the home (this is said to signify damaging family harmony) and b) is not located towards the front of the home (the kitchen is a source of wealth to the family and is better hidden deep within the building to protect the good fortune of the family.)

Another consideration is the key things in your life at the moment.  If your career is all-consuming the front of your house is important to care for.  Do you have a bright hall outside your front door?  Do you have a clean, clear and bright space inside your front door making it welcoming and auspicious?

If health is important then you will benefit from a bedroom in the west.  If longevity, love and relationships are important then having your living room and bedroom in the northwest will bring positive energy to you.  Personal growth is an ongoing process whatever stage of your life you are going through.  We are always learning and growing.  If you have a home study or office the southwest will benefit you.

If the layout of your home is such that it is impossible to tap the ideal locations it becomes vital to ensure you face an auspicious direction in an inauspicious location.   Another thing to consider is the direction your living room, study or office, bedroom and kitchen doors face.  Having them face one of your auspicious directions is bringing positive energy into the room each time the door is opened and closed.

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