Thursday 7 February 2013


“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking”
Buddhist Saying

Personal Eight Mansions is well-known in Feng Shui.  Your date of birth identifies your Gua number which in turn identifies your four good and four bad locations. 

Knowing the Eight Mansions of your home, which takes into consideration the distribution of energy throughout the building will determine whether you and your home are meant for one another. 

Looking at an example of a person with Gua number 1; your personal east group locations and directions and how you can live in a home inauspicious for you based on its sitting direction.

Gua number 1 auspicious directions are southeast, east, south and north; the inauspicious directions are west, northeast, northwest and southwest.  Looking at the worst scenario of your house you would be living in a Kun House (facing northeast/sitting southwest.)  In effect your house is sitting in your total loss location.  Before you run away screaming let’s take a more in-depth look at the situation.

Remembering that location is more important than direction, the first thing to do is consider the internal layout of your home.  Can you arrange it such that you --- a) Have your living area in the southeast (your best direction); b) Have your bedroom in the east (your health direction); c) Place your kitchen in the southwest (your total loss direction)?

This allows you the luxury of choosing which of your four auspicious directions you face when sitting, playing and sleeping, which will in turn bring harmony and positive energy into your life.  Having your kitchen in the southwest will press down on your bad luck (total loss) associated with the southwest.  It is important to remember to have the stove facing one of your auspicious directions, depending on the aspiration important to you at this particular time in your life.  If bad health is an issue for you then having the stove facing* your tien yi (doctor from heaven) or nien yen (longevity) directions will benefit you.  *The facing direction of the stove means the direction the knobs are pointing.)

Another thing to consider is the direction your living room door (unless you have an open plan layout in which case it will mean the direction the entire space is facing), and your bedroom door, face.  It is beneficial if they face one of your auspicious directions.  This is inviting positive Qi into the space each time the door is opened and closed.

So although you may live in a house that is not in harmony with you and your personal directions you can see it is still possible to arrange the internal space such that it beneficial for you.

Looking briefly at Chinese Astrology, if you are born in the year of the Sheep (SW1) or the year of the Monkey (SW3) you will gain some benefit from the Southwest regardless of your Kua number.  Just be aware of the annual afflictions for each year and take suitable measures to avoid misfortune when it comes calling, in your animal location.

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