Tuesday 29 January 2013


“Use awareness to make changes”

Are you and your home in harmony? 

Personal Eight Mansions is well-known in Feng Shui.  Your date of birth identifies your Kua number which in turn identifies your four good and four bad locations.  This gives you a head start when it comes to knowing which direction to sit or sleep.  Or which direction to face when you are working/playing/studying.

However this is only half of the picture.

To look at the bigger picture, knowing the Eight Mansions or the Natal Chart of your home, which takes into consideration the distribution of energy throughout the building will determine whether you and your home are meant for one another.  The Eight Mansions of your home is based on its facing and sitting direction. The facing direction of your home is the direction of maximum yang energy.  This is often, but not exclusively, the place where the main door is located and it is important to determine the facing direction before beginning.  The sitting direction is exactly opposite and benefits from more yin than yang energy.  The yang of movement, of positive chi, is best entering your home from the front and the yin of stillness, is best at the back of your home providing quiet, stability and support.

Ideally your front door will be located in the sheng chi (overall good fortune) location of your home.  Depending on the stage you are at in your life, your bedroom will be best located in your tien yi (health) or your nien yen (relationships) location.

Your kitchen, the third most important sector of your home, is different.  While it is a vital part of the overall picture in ensuring the health and wellbeing of your family, it is best located in one of your four bad locations.  In effect, it is best being in a location where it can press down and suppress the bad chi of a location.  The kitchen itself however, and in particular the stove, can be designed to bring good luck to the family.  The stove (the knobs) are most auspicious when facing the best direction of the breadwinner of the house.

So how do you deal with a less than auspicious layout?  Where do you sit?  Which direction do you face?

Location is more important than direction.  If you can sit, or work, or sleep, in one of your four good locations you then also have the option to face one of your four good directions thereby increasing the auspicious chi you are exposed to.  If you have to sit, work or sleep in one of your four bad locations you then only have the option to face one of your good directions within that location.  

It is never going to be possible to have the perfect configuration (unless you are building your own home and you have more control over the finished product) so the answer is to benefit as much as possible from what you can do and then get on with your life.  Being aware of Eight Mansions for the home, and knowing your good and bad directions based on your Kua number will definitely give you an advantage if you are house-hunting.  Taking along a standard western compass to determine the facing and sitting directions of a property, will definitely help you in your house search.  It will also allow you to find out whether the location of the master bedroom and the kitchen will benefit or restrict you.

To the fulfillment of your dreams


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