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Feng Shui and Missing Corners-Parents

The Eight Aspirations of Feng Shui are Career (north), Education and Study (northeast), Health and Longevity (east), Wealth (southeast), Fame and Recognition (south), Love and Relationships (southwest), Family (west) and Heaven and Mentor (northwest.)

When a location (corner) relating to an aspiration important to you is missing in the Big Tai Chi of your property the first thing to establish is whether this same location is missing in the Small Tai Chi of your living space.  When the locations are missing in both the Big and the Small Tai Chi it will prove difficult for you to achieve your desires.

Two of the most important locations in the Tai Chi is the Northwest (Heaven and Mentor) and the Southwest (Love and Relationships.)  These are the areas of the heads of the home or in a working environment the areas relating to management, either male (Northwest) or female (Southwest.)

Northwest and Southwest
In the Eight Aspirations the Southwest is the location of relationships in their many forms.  As well as intimate partnerships, it signifies the family bond, friendships with people you care about, your work colleagues, business associates and casual acquaintances.  If the Southwest of your home is missing it makes it difficult for you to activate the very important life skill of harmonious inter-personal associations.  It will make it particularly difficult for females as the Southwest is also the location of the female.  This is usually interpreted as the mother of the house however it just as likely signifies a female in a position of power and authority in the business world.  If you have a missing Southwest in the Big Tai Chi of the home it is important to locate the Southwest of the Small Tai Chi in your living area.  Even if this is not an auspicious location based on your Kua number, in the Eight Aspirations it is significant.

The Northwest is the location of Heaven and Mentor luck; it is also the location of the male.  If there is a missing corner here it will impact significantly on the success of the man of the house.  Achievement may remain just out of reach.  In the corporate world you will lack the support of your superiors and when promotions are there for the taking you will likely be overlooked.  Without the support of a mentor; which can be someone in the family, your bosses or - if you run your own business - like minded individuals who are happy to give you a helping hand, then success will remain elusive.  Again even if this is not an auspicious location based on your Kua number, if you are male and aspire to greatness, it is an area to pay attention to.  If you are an East group person the Northwest will be one of your inauspicious locations.  This means you should not be spending time in the area if you can avoid it.  The most important thing is to ensure it is not a missing corner either in the Big Tai Chi of the home or the Small Tai Chi of the living room.  

The Southwest also relates to Earth; the Northwest to Heaven.  Together they signify male and female; the ultimate Yang and Yin energies; both vital to creating harmony in the home and in a working situation. 

Regardless of your Kua number and your auspicious and inauspicious locations, they are two areas that, when present, can bring harmony and good fortune.  When they are missing, these positive energies may well remain elusive and just out of reach.

To the fulfillment of your dreams


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